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InfiniteEARTH develops and manages tropical conservation land banks and provides environmental offsets and private-label CSR solutions to companies across the globe.

As a pioneer in environmental mitigation credits from Tropical Conservation Land Banking, InfiniteEARTH developed and actively manages a privately funded tropical wetlands conservation bank in Indonesia. The conservation bank creates a buffer zone between the palm oil industry and the Tanjung Puting National Park, home to one of the last remaining wild populations of orangutans on earth.

InfiniteEARTH developed the first validated REDD+ project – ever – under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and helped define the criteria by which all projects are measured. We also developed and manage the first REDD+ forest-carbon project in the world to receive triple-gold validation under the Climate Community and Biodiversity Alliance Standard (CCBA)

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InfiniteEARTH’s Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve achieved another major milestone in September 2020, becoming the first REDD+ project in the world to be audited for SDG (UN Sustainable Development Goal) compliance under the SD Vista Standard – achieving the highest possible rating of contributing to all 17 UN SDGs.

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InfiniteEARTH’s Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve aRimba Raya reaffirms its leadership position, becoming the first REDD+ carbon project to Validate under Indonesia’s newly formed “Sistem Registry Nasional” (SRN).

We help companies to achieve a positive carbon footprint and generate strong social inclusion in their quest for a “no net loss” environmental impact.

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InfiniteEARTH Environmental Solutions Are The Best In Their Class

Triple Gold Certified REDD+ Carbon Credits backed by High Conservation Value (HCF) tropical lowland peat swamp forest.

Biodiversity Offsets protecting over 600 distinct species of plants and animals, 100+ of which are IUCN Red List Endangered or Threatened.

Community Development Programs for impoverished villages, designed to meet all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Learn why REDD+ carbon credits are an obvious choice for companies and individuals demanding something more than just “neutral” and “sustainable”.

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