CSR Programs

Opportunities To Communicate Your Global Stewardship To Your Stakeholders.

Our Crowd Force FundingTM program provides a “private label project” framework by which your purchase commitment of REDD+ credits enables you to explicitly sponsor one of our many initiatives, labelling it as your own. “ACME Insurance Group’s Floating Clinic”, for example.

As a project sponsor, we work with you to design monitoring, presentation, social media and other marketing assets that document your sponsored initiative, providing immediate and clear ROI to all of your stakeholders.

Private-Label Sustainable CSR Programs

InfiniteEARTH Private Label CSR Community Development Programs are designed to meet all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They provide education, employment and viable alternative land-uses for non-renewable resource to impoverished villages within our Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve.

  • Construction or annual administration of a Floating Clinic
  • Vaccination & Immunization Programs for a single village
  • Construction of vegetable, fish or poultry Farms in a single village
  • Education/Scholarship funds
  • Construction of a Remote Orangutan Release Station within the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve
  • Care and Supplemental Feeding of orphaned orangutans
  • Sponsorship of a 20-person Fire Brigade (employment, equipment and training)
  • Sponsorship of a village co-op (marketing, branding, micro-finance and administration costs)

Crowd Force Funding TM

Embed Social And Environmental Sustainability
In Your Brand Equity.

See several of the initiatives available for private labeling — and the UN Sustainable Development Goals they meet — at our Rimba Raya project Website.

Triple Bottom Line Solutions

InfiniteEARTH Helps You Find Creative Ways of Engaging Your Customers In The Process of Sustainability.