InfiniteEARTH Is A Conservation Banking Company

What Is A

A Conservation Bank, (habitat bank or biodiversity bank) is a dedicated section of land devoted to preserving the biodiversity inside its boundaries– in perpetuity.

A conservation bank is committed to their development area and endeavors to maximize the beneficial effects of their activities on the plant and animal life within, acting as environmental stewards to the land they own.

Conservation Banks Have Been Around For Decades.

Oftentimes, the biodiversity living inside their boundaries have been around for hundreds of years.

Conservation Banking allows for-profit enterprises to develop around the business of sustainable environmental solutions. The measurable and verifiable preservation activities performed within a conservation bank can be materialized in environmental credits which can be commercialized in both Mandatory and Voluntary Environmental Offset markets.

In short, the better a conservation bank is at protecting its forest and their biodiversity, the more opportunity they have for value creation and profit generation.

Business Model

Conservation banks are in the business of NOT doing anything with the land they own — except ensuring that it’s preserved and the wildlife within prospers in a healthy, natural state.

(Which is actually a lot more work than one might think)

Why Are

The difficult truth is that everything we consume is highly leveraged, with the real total cost of ownership being far greater than the current price reflects. By paying only for the extraction cost of our non–renewable natural resources and not their full replacement costs, we are borrowing from our children’s futures to subsidize the cost of goods and services we consume today.

Our efforts to reduce consumption will never completely eliminate the heavy demands we place on the planet. But we can compensate through replacement with environmental offset initiatives.

Future generations of this planet deserve more. Current inhabitants of this planet are demanding more.

Governments, Shareholders and Consumers are increasingly demanding companies apply offsets to ensure ‘no net loss of a particular biodiversity or environmental feature’ associated with their business activities.


Damage incurred in one place must be balanced by a monetary pledge to provide sustainable protection (through the purchase of offset credits) of a similar environmental feature in another location – i.e. within a conservation bank.


Rimba Raya’s is InfiniteEARTH’s flagship conservation and biodiversity bank. The reserve covers High Conservation Value (HCV) tropical peat forest in Bordneo, with over 350 million tonnes of carbon stored in their peat domes.

The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve is host to 122 species of mammals, 300 species of birds, and 180 kinds of plants and trees, with more than 100 of these species listed on the IUCN Red List of Endangered or Threatened species.

The biodiversity reserve forms a natural barrier between the ever-encroaching bulldozers of the palm oil industry and the Tanjung Puting National Park, home to Orangutan Foundation International, which protects one of the last remaining populations of wild orangutans on earth.

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