Tailored Credit
Offset Programs

Carbon Credit And Biodiversity Offset Programs Built Just For You

For companies facing carbon and biodiversity footprint challenges unique to their industry, InfiniteEARTH markets wholesale offsets and credits to mitigate special issues such as deforestation and associated biodiversity loss related to palm oil and paper & packaging industries.

REDD+ Carbon Credits

InfiniteEARTH’s Triple-Gold Certified REDD+ Carbon Credits specifically underwrite the protection of biomass and carbon sequestration mechanisms providing 1 tonne of avoided tCO2e emissions in perpetuity. They are backed by projects which pursue long-term strategies for addressing the underlying causes of deforestation and degradation and implement strategies for the sustainable management of existing forest stocks.

Biodiversity Offsets

InfiniteEARTH’s Biodiversity Offsets underwrite the conservation efforts of 1 hectare (2.54 acres) of biodiverse tropical forest containing over 100 endangered, threatened or at-risk species.

The highly endangered Bornean Orangutan, the Proboscis Monkey, the Bornean Agile Gibbon, the Asian Sun Bear, the Sunda Pangolin and the Clouded Leopard are but a few of the flagship species from the IUCN Red List that are found in our Biodiversity Reserve.

Palm Oil Offsets

InfiniteEARTH’s Palm Oil Offset Credits provide carbon and environmental replacement offsets to the footprint specifically associated with 1 tonne of palm oil.

The environmental footprint is calculated in terms of carbon emissions related to deforestation and other environmental impacts related to the area of natural forest lost due to conversion.

Solutions Tailored To YOUR Needs

Contact InfiniteEARTH to discuss how our REDD+ Carbon Credits, Biodiversity and Palm Oil Offsets can be combined into a package to match your exact needs.